Aermatica get the “Permit to Fly” for UAV Anteos

On the 30th of October AERMATICA, for its UAV ANTEOS, obtained from the Italian Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), ENAC, the first Permit to Fly issued in Italy that allows flight activity in non-segregated airspace of a Remotely Piloted Aircraft, commonly known as “drone”.

This first Italian case – which comes meanwhile the CAA is working on legislation designed to regulate the professional use of these means (expected by 2012), and already anticipated by the “Information Note NI – 2012-008 “issued last August – is an important step along the path that will lead drones to be used in a short time under controlled and safe conditions in a large number of possible applications.

Those ones range from environmental survey and anti – pollution control to sites and industrial installations monitoring, up to support specific activities of public security and civil protection (which are, for example, the monitoring of landslide hazard areas or the search for missing people in areas affected by natural disasters).

AERMATICA, thanks to this Permit to Fly, may proceed in the development of such applications, using its platform ANTEOS, already operational in lot of projects in which is involved, often in collaboration with leading industries, academic and institutional partners; on the other hand, for the company this result represents a concrete confirmation of the technical and strategic choices on which its business plan is based.

Regarding this Piero Refolo, CEO and co – founder of AERMATICA, said: “For us, this Permit to Fly is a milestone of great importance, which actually enhances the efforts already made and that enables the next developments steps, technical and commercial, of the company “.

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